Social Media

Why Should I Have a Social Networking Campaign? In a word- placement! More placement. Google searches blogs and social networks for keyword phrases. So, when someone searches a phrase relevant to your business- visitors are taken to your blog or network. More traffic can substantially increase your income eq

What About Bad Reviews and Spam? Here is the problem- most social network companies just plaster you all over every popular network. They do not control those networks or pages. So, anyone can write a bad review that you can't delete, or flood you with unwanted emails. So you end up paying for a social campaign and then pay to fix the problems it created. That's great for social network provider and reputation monitoring companies, but not so great for you.

Safe and Effective Social Marketing: We only create social network accounts that we can control. We monitor them daily for you and only post relevant positive comments that we approve for you. We also mask your email address  and set you up with a separate email account just for your campaign. 

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