Google Placement

How Do I Get to the First Page of Google? No one uses a phone book anymore. Even online yellow pages have become obsolete. Potential clients or customers looking for a service simply type a search phrase into a Google search, for instance: "Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas".

There are only two ways to get to the first page. Pay per click, AKA sponsored listings, or natural, AKA organic placement. Adwords or sponsored listings account for about 30% of traffic while natural listings traffic represents about 70% of potential visitors. You can't buy first page natural listing placement. You need an search engine optimization (SEO) company for that.

Legitimate SEO companies usually change between $10,000 and $30,000. We specialize in small business- so those kind of fees would price us out of our market. You also need a great website. A custom website like we offer normally runs about $5,000. Too expensive!

Our New Mobile Desktop websites are fully optimized with your most important phrases for placement on Google.  We will build you a custom site for about the price of a cell phone and our optimization will drive organic search traffic to it. We handle you domain renewals, hosing, email, Google Plus, Page Updates and manage a full Social Media Campaign for low low monthly fee.

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