Custom Websites

Do it Yourself Websites
If you need a fun personal website, these programs can be cheap and effective.  But for business you need more than a website, you need Google placement.

Say No to Control Panels!
Most web design companies don't design anything - they just resell template control panel programs. They charge you a few thousand or more for a log-in to a template program that you have to populate with content and photos.  First of all, that is a lot to pay if you have to do all of the work.  Second, and most importantly, those programs can not be properly optimized for first page placement on Google. 

Custom Design
Your website should be inviting to visitors and direct them quickly to information they are searching for.  Each client has unique needs.  We do not use template programs, all our designs are customized to your specifications.   We consult with you, send you test designs, and won't load until you love it.