Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Would You Pay $699 for a $5000 Item?

It sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  What is the catch?  Do you need it?  Do you want it?  Will it help you in some way?  What would happen if you had a beautiful website on the front page of Google for important search terms if you owned a small business in the United States?  Would that help?  I don’t see how it could do anything but help!

For a very limited time Internet Highway is offering a $5000 value fully optimized custom website for $699 and three payments of $299 while we ramp up not only your Google verification and organic placement, but a full-fledged social network as well.  The network alone is worth $2000 a month!

No gimmicks, no contracts.  After 90 days, if you don’t think you are getting more than your money’s worth just cancel with 30-day’s notice.  We hope you will agree that this is an opportunity that will help your business go and grow for years to come.  Reject the cookie-cutter control panel websites.  Call Internet Highway today at (702) 655-2468. 

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