Friday, December 15, 2017

Family holiday and Christmas events in Las Vegas 2017

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"The holiday season will be celebrated with family-friendly events in Las Vegas in 2017. Kids of all ages will enjoy the festive attractions, colorful decorations, sparkling lights, Christmas music, holiday entertainment, and visits with Santa Claus at this popular vacation destination."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Business Plan for 2018.

Nearly every business owner crafts a plan for the New Year.  How will we maximize our profits?  What improvements should we make to do so?  Far too many business owners neglect their websites.  It is what makes the phone ring and the profits increase!  Are you just going to skate along on good will?  That only goes so far.

Why do so many business men and women ignore the importance of their internet presence?  Let me ask you a question…if someone has a plumbing problem and they type in on a Google search…emergency 24 hour plumber Denver…would you like for your website to come up on the first page?  Of course, you would!

Everyone in your market does not already know you.  Why do you think attorneys advertise so much?  It is all about awareness.  When someone needs your products or services they can remember you, find you, and call you.  First of all, you need to call Internet Highway to get the ball rolling.  We will take it from there.  The phone number is (702) 655-2468.

Things To Do In Las Vegas In December 2017

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"Las Vegas shows in December 2017 include concerts by George Strait, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Lady Gaga, Jamey Johnson. Comedy shows in December include stand up comedians Ray Romano, Ron White. Sports events include National Finals Rodeo. Plus there is plenty of other gigs, acts, events and activities!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Making a Business Plan for 2018.

As you plan for success in the next year remember an important aspect of that winning formula.  It is your internet presence.  Do not diminish the importance of a website that everyone can visit quickly and efficiently and one that will convert business into phone calls which equals more success and mo money, mo money, mo money!

Your look and navigability on the internet is the first impression that many people get about your business.  A great, website that is seen and responded to on a phone or a desktop is as important as the look and feel of your brick and mortar.  It is even MORE important if you are a service business that has no physical location!

Why would you turn down the cream?  The difference between the scraps that you get from word-of-mouth and the extra QUALITY business that you get from the internet is HUGE.  Sometimes people forget that a website promotes the specific type of business that you want.  Please call the Internet Marketing Professionals at Internet Highway at (702) 655-2468.

Family-Friendly Things To Do for Thanksgiving 2017 in the Las Vegas Area

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"As the unofficial start to the holiday season – Thanksgiving festivities and family fun promise to be a highlight of the year. If you and your family are looking for things to do for Thanksgiving in the Las Vegas area, you have come to the right place." 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

How Does the Public Find You?

Some people don’t want to be found, but if you are in business trying to make a profit it is nice to know that people can find what you do quickly and easily.  What do you think they do?  Today we just “Google it”.  It has become a phrase in the lexicon.  If you don’t already have a pre-conceived notion of whom to do business with you, “Google it”.

When someone types in a phrase such as water heater repair Albuquerque you need to be on the first page of that search.  If you don’t understand the “game”, Google wants to sell you something called “Adwords”.  These are paid ads that are on the front page of a search term for part of the day and are not as visited as much as the free listings.

The 10 free website listings on any Google page are the ones that most Americans will look at first.  You need to be there!  That is why you hire the technical expertise from Internet Highway.  The expert SEO team at Internet Highway will optimize your website for front page placement on your most important keyword phrases.  Call them today at (702) 655-2468.

Things to do in Las Vegas - November 2017

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“We’re done with Halloween and, sadly, pool party season is over too, but that doesn’t mean there aren't a ton of sweet things to do in Las Vegas, including these 18 can't-miss November events that you should totally check out.”