Monday, April 16, 2018

We Know what Plumbers Need.

We may not be plumbers ourselves, but boy do we know what plumbers need to make more money with the internet!  Here are the basics.  When someone sees a plumbing problem, they pick up their phone and look for something like emergency plumber (fill in the city).  If they see an easy to read website on page one in the FREE listings that plumber will get a call.

It is not complicated!  Do you know how many plumbers simply rely on word-of-mouth and never try to get that extra business that comes from the proper web presence.  It does not make sense to us, especially since we tend to work with only one plumber in a geographic area and that company dominates Google.

Call us for details on how you can invest the price of a cell phone and be a dominant plumbing company on the front page of Google.  We offer first page free placement for plumbing companies.  We are Internet Highway serving plumbers from coast-to-coast.  Don’t waste another day…call us at (702) 396-0911.

Things to do in Las Vegas, April - June

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"If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas in Spring 2018, check out our list of some of the best activities and attractions."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Small Business is Our Business.

It is a mantra that many tend to forget as they grow their own business.  After 15 years serving American small businesses with the very best internet marketing, you might think that Internet Highway would try to exceed its reach.  That’s not true!  We are still committed to helping small business succeed and make more money with their website.

What companies are on the front page in the free google listings for plumber elgin il, plumber Snohomish wa, and plumber Kansas City.  Those would be plumbers for whom we work exclusively in their respective markets.  They don’t buy adwords.  They don’t have to, because they are in the free listings every minute of every day!

How do you want people to discover you if you are a plumber or some other small business?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you were consistently one of the top choices on Google’s front page?  Of course, it would!  Please call us today and become a dominant player in your market on the web.  We are Internet Highway at (702) 396-0911.

NAB Show - Las Vegas Convention Center, Apr 7-12

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"The ultimate event for the media, entertainment and technology industry, showcasing ground-breaking innovation and powerful solutions for professionals looking to create, manage, deliver and monetize content on any platform."

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Millions Try, but Few are Chosen.

This is true in so many different areas of the human condition.  I can build a bird house, but not a family home.  I can change a tire, but not fix an engine.  I can mow a lawn, but not build and design landscaping.  I can build a website, but NOT get it and keep it on the front page of Google every minute of every day.

Type in the keyword guaranteed google placement on a Google search bar.  For years, every minute of every day, has been the #1 FREE listing for that term on the front page!  That is extraordinary, but it is routine for the technical professionals at Internet Highway.  We do it for businesses all over the country all the time.

Avoid the temptation to just put up a website that no one searching for you on the web ever sees.  Internet Highway builds a custom desktop/mobile compatible website AND optimizes it for front page Google placement all for less than the price of a new cell phone and maintains it for the cost of lunch each day.  Please give us a call and discover the particulars at (702) 655-2468.

Golden Egg Hunt & Picnic

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Golden Egg Hunt & Picnic (ages 50+ with grandchildren under age 10)
Wednesday, March 28, 11 a.m.
Cost: $5 per child under 10 years old.
Centennial Hills Active Adult Center, 6601 N. Buffalo Drive, 702-229-1702.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Avoid the Scams.

Those three words have never been truer in the computer age.  Nearly all of the websites that are being sold to business owners today are what are known in the industry as Control Panels.  Here is the simple truth…they CANNOT be optimized for front page placement on Google.  What’s the point?  Why have a website if nobody sees it?

Here are two things that will probably happen to the owner.  They will 1.) Not be seen properly on a mobile device, so the visitor will move on to someone else and 2.) You will be forced to buy expensive adwords from Google to get any placement whatsoever.  This needs to be avoided!

Does it cost thousands of dollars to build a website that is easily navigated on a mobile phone and has natural placement?  The answer is an emphatic NO!  For the price of a new cell phone and the ongoing maintenance of lunch each day you can have the best.  Call Internet Highway today at (702) 655-2468 and discover how.