Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Tutorial to Internet Marketing.

Are you sick to death from these robo-calls and so called local sales reps who come to you or call purporting that they are from Google and you have errors on your website?  These individuals have clouded the picture almost beyond recognition.  Internet marketing, please excuse the phrase, has been bastardized by these sales reps.

The answers to your questions about how to be a dominant player in your market on the web are not as complicated as you think.  There are a few steps that when taken by a true SEO internet company will WORK!  Just as you provide a service that works for others you need to find a company to do this job properly, efficiently, and economically.

We invite you to take two of the most important minutes that you will ever spend on marketing your business.  Type on a Google search bar the phrase…website design with Google placement.  You will see that the first naturally listed business is www.internet-highway.com.  Go to the bottom and view the 2-minute video.  Now, pick up the phone and dial (702) 655-2468 and change your internet marketing strategy for the better.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Get on the Highway in 2017.

Do you know of any highway that everyone is traveling?  Even if you live in a busy metropolitan area not all Americans are moving along the highways of your fair city.  There is one highway that nearly everyone is traveling.  When they move along this thoroughfare they are usually looking for something.  It is the internet highway, of course.

If your house is not located along that busy “road” you will be missed…or worse, ignored.  How can a business thrive in 2017 without a strong internet presence?  That includes a custom desktop/mobile website that can be navigated on all cell phones and a strong social network to drive traffic to your “front door”.

Your business may survive without a strong website, but it is unlikely to thrive.  The answer is easy and NOT expensive.  Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website and thousands a month on social marketing.  Would you like to invest the price of a cell phone and $10 a day for everything that you need?  Well then, start the New Year right by calling Internet Highway at (702) 655-2468.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How was 2016 Business-wise?

Was your business up…was it down?  What are your plans for 2017?  A new administration means new challenges for business in America.  We all know that.  Being paranoid about the future is not productive, that’s for sure.  Let’s dig in together and get ready for a productive 2017.  Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!

Let’s list our options for business promotion.  Direct mail, radio, television (over the air and cable), newspaper, magazines, local flyers, internet, etc.  What was that last one?  Isn’t that national advertising instead of local?  Not really.  If it is done properly with search engine optimization and local google + submission it is just as local as the newspaper.

Let Internet Highway show you how to “localize” your internet marketing with proper keyword optimization.  With blog writing and local blogging that features local community events.  It is all synergistic as you begin to become a trusted member of your community when people seek your goods and/or services.  Call Internet Highway today at (702) 655-2468.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Planning for 2017 on the Web.

The New Year brings a new administration and new business challenges.  The future of your business may depend on properly promoting it.  Word-of-mouth is always your best, of course, but relying only on that can be a death knell.  There is mass-media, which is very expensive and direct mail, which is wholly ineffective.

The answer is right in front of you everyday.  It’s on your phone, on your tablet, on your laptop, and on your desktop.  There is only one internet that everyone uses when they look for goods and services.  And there is only one Google.  If you are dominant on the internet in your market you make more $$$.  It is a simple equation!

One of the most successful internet marketing companies over the past decade is also one of the least expensive.  It is Internet Highway.  At Internet Highway we never “ship our work” overseas.  We keep our prices low because we do not hire a sales force.  When you do business with us you speak to an owner of the company every time.  Call today and gear up for 2017 and beyond at (702) 655-2468 or email us at answers@internet-highway.com.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Social Networking for Attorneys.

Gone are the days when the fanciest website would achieve the most inquiries into your practice.  The public wants to know not just what you do, but who you are.  They also want to read compelling and non-threatening legal blogs that seek to inform them NOT sell them.  All of this and more is a product of consistent Social Network Marketing.

Ask yourself a valuable question.  Let’s say heaven forbid, that you have been slapped with a domestic violence charge.  If you wanted to hire a top criminal attorney would you be more likely to give someone a call who just published a blog on what to do if you encounter a domestic violence charge or one that just has a website saying that they practice that branch of the law?

The answer is obvious.  Credibility is king!  You know what else is king and queen?  That would be fresh content on your website updated all the time.  Attorneys who have great Social Network Marketing have a significant advantage.  To find out how without paying an arm and a leg contact Internet Highway the attorney’s Social Network Marketing expert at (702) 396-0911.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Where Should Your Ad Dollars Go?

How to properly promote your business is as important as keeping it open.  Where you put your ad dollars will often determine its future success or demise.  Most businesses in this country rely solely on word-of-mouth.  Remember this…good will is ALWAYS your most important source of getting the word out to potential new customers, but the most successful companies would never just rely on that.

There is radio…too fragmented who is listening to what at a given moment?  Television…expensive and with cable and DVR who watches commercials these days.  Print…still has some value, but so do horses and buggies especially as it pertains to the Yellow Pages…seriously?  The internet…there is only ONE world wide web and Google is the dominant player.

Doesn’t it seem logical that most people will consult the web when researching and making buying decisions?  And now, these days 80% of those people are on their mobile devices so they may be in their cars ready to make a buying decision when they see your website.  Having a great web presence is simply essential.  To achieve this, call Internet Highway today at (702) 655-2468.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Should a Business Blog?

Blogging is NOT an exercise in self-gratification.  At least it shouldn’t be.  A good blog presents your business and its products in the light that you want it to be seen.  When you blog properly and combine your company’s blog with one devoted to the community you have a powerful combination.  Not only does it update your content, but it also ties you into interesting events that the public cares about.

What constitutes a good blog?  On one hand, people think that it is an easy task that can be done by anyone.  A great blog is much more.  It is concise, informative, maybe even humorous.  If it is too long you have lost most of the potential readers.  If it doesn’t entertain and/or inform it won’t be taken seriously.  Make no mistake…great blogging is an art.

That is why blogging effectively is NOT a DIY job.  You should align yourself with a company that does this task and other social networking for a living.  It will save you money and credibility in the end.  See for yourself the work being done by the veteran company www.internet-highway.com.  Visit the website www.kenwagnerlaw.com to see great social network marketing at an affordable price then give us a call to see what we can do for you at (702) 655-2468.