Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Brother Can You Spare a Lunch.

You eat every day don’t you?  And you probably have an I-Phone or something similar to it I suspect.  Let me ask you something…if you could enhance your business’ output would you buy a cell phone and buy someone lunch each day?  Well, that’s what it takes to have a dominant presence on the internet!

If you own a small business in this country then you must be spending something to keep it going and growing.  Did you know that the highest quality internet marketing available in the world costs $699 to re-design your website and optimize it?  Then for another $10 a day it will be maintained by a team of people who will drive traffic to it.

Meet Internet Highway.  Better yet, find out how good we really are at the challenging task of Search Engine Optimization.  Type in this keyword on a Google search bar…web design with google placement.  See where you find  That’s us at the top of the free, natural listings!  Give us a call today at (702) 655-2468.

Las Vegas Guide to May 2017

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Las Vegas May shows, events, concerts & clubs ramp up as Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Regular Las Vegas Performer has died.

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"Legendary comedian Don Rickles’ career spanned 50 years -- leaving a lasting impression on generations of comedians, including Mirage headliner Terry Fator."


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Is Word of Mouth Enough?

Sure it is…if you are going out of business this year.  Otherwise, if you intend to keep your business going and growing you need to reach out to people who are not familiar with you.  In the old days you ran a newspaper, radio, or television ad and brought new folks into your business.  Today it is always about the internet.

When someone wants auto repair in Austin, or plumbing services in Peoria, they “Google it”.  If your website cannot be found then they will simply call a competitor.  If that does not bother you then just keep doing what you are doing.  Have a “placeholder” website that never appears on the first page of any search term.

Optimization and navigation are the keys.  When your website can be easily navigated so that everyone can see your services you win!  Combining that with SEO and social network marketing and you will stand above your competitors.  Pick up the phone right now (24 hours a day) and call (702) 655-2468.  Ask internet marketing expert Internet Highway all about it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Make Your St. Patrick's Day Plans!

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 Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Vegas in 2017!

When “Local” is NOT Local.

It sounds cryptic, but you can save yourself a lot of time and money by questioning your “sales rep”.  In the world of internet marketing someone will come to your office or call you purporting to be “local”.  Do not take that at face value.  More often than not, they sell you a cheap template website and the work is done overseas.

Even worse, they will try to put you on dozens of social networks that can leave you vulnerable.  Later on, they will call you and charge you to take off the bad reviews they have caused.  A template website is NOT, by any means a custom, optimized website.  The social networks that are most important that YOU control are the only ones on which you need to be.

It honestly takes about two minutes to explain why you need it done right the first time.  There are two ways to achieve that.  Either call (702) 655-2468 and speak to the owner…Mike Lawrence with any and all questions you may have.  You may also visit and watch the video.  We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Consider Video.

The average internet user has the attention span of a gnat!  We have been programmed to look at something briefly and if it catches our attention we stick with it for a minute.  Most businesses have a website, but how many have an active YouTube video on its front page?  That is an attention getter for sure.

YouTube has a staggering 3 billion views every day!  Think of your videos like mini-websites.  And as a bonus, Google will probably index your content and put those results on the front page of their search results.  The key is, you don’t have to feature a cute cat video to get big-time results as you build rapport with your future customers.

Let’s work together and create a website that features all elements you need to drive quality traffic and convert it into new sales.  At Internet Highway (see the video on we will build a custom, optimized desktop/mobile website.  It will feature social network marketing as well as YouTube if you wish.  Get started today by calling (702) 655-2468.