Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Types of Traffic.

Northbound and southbound…eastbound and westbound…search and social.  Whoa!  What was that last one?  Oh yes, and it is probably the most important traffic that your business will ever encounter.  On the internet there are two types of traffic Google search and people using social media to find what they are looking for.

If you are in front of both types of traffic you have an advantage over your competitors.  Just as importantly, if the visitor that comes to your website sees what they need quickly and easily they are more likely to call you instead of your competitor.  That is especially true when your business is at the top of the Google search listings.

Google the phrase web design with google placement and notice that is #1 in the nation in the natural listings.  What would you like for your business?  How about more traffic, more phone calls, and more business.  That opportunity is just a phone call away.  Call Internet Highway.  We’ve been around since Google was a pup! (702) 396-0911.

Las Vegas Concert Boom!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Best Two Minutes You Will Spend.

They call the Kentucky Derby “The Best Two Minutes in Sports”.  That may be true, but the best two minutes you can spend might be watching a video at  If you could unlock the door on how to make money by properly marketing your business on the internet would you consider that valuable?

If I told you that in about 120 seconds you would know just about everything necessary to start using the web effectively for less than the price of a cell phone, would that get your attention?  And that you could have it maintained for the price of lunch each day.  That really sounds too good to be true!

Internet Highway is about to change your thinking about internet marketing.  For too long now, companies have been selling cheap template websites without code, devoting all of their attention to sales.  That needs to stop.  Internet Highway focuses on the back-end.  Watch the video then call (702) 655-2468 and let’s get started.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

4th of July in Las Vegas!

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LAS VEGAS JULY 2017 & JULY 4TH GUIDE - Make Your Plans!! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Let Me Look at My Phone.

Can you imagine saying that 25 years ago?  You might have said why are you staring at that device on your counter?  Now you spend half of your life looking at your phone.  Some people are even developing neck problems from leaning down so much.  The time spent on our cell phones is for many different purposes.

One of the primary things we do on our phone these days is “Google stuff”.  Now instead of sitting at our desk and typing something in on a Google search bar we do it on our phone.  We say or type “emergency plumber Kansas City”.  What happens next determines who makes the big money!

If you are on the front page of a search term AND have a website that is easy to navigate on a cell phone you are probably going to get the first phone call.  It really is that simple!  How to make it happen is just as easy.  Google the term web design with Google placement and see that is #1 on Google.  Then call them at (702) 655-2468.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017