Monday, September 17, 2018

Web Design is NOT where the Task Begins and Ends.

Having a website designed is only the beginning of the process.  There are over a trillion web pages published on Google.  How on earth to you expect to stand out among all of the others?  The answer may lie with a company like Internet Highway who does the job completely, including optimization and social marketing.

Go back to the very purpose of having a website in the first place.  Is it not to get the phone to ring more often and, as a result, make more money?  Of course, it is!  If you have to rely on word-of-mouth or a business card you will never be as profitable as you could be.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, then do nothing.

Otherwise, contact Internet Highway.  Find out how for the cost of a new cell phone and the price of lunch each day you can have a website that really generates traffic on the front page of search terms and easy to navigate on a cell phone while driving social network browsers all at the same time.  Call Internet Highway at (702) 655-2468 to get started.

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