Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Google or Bust!

After 20 years (yes, Google turns 20 in September) Google is the be-all and end-all of internet search.  Back in May the television show 60 Minutes did quite an expose on the internet giant.  Claiming its worth at three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars!  They also claimed that Google now controls most if not all search results.

Okay, go to a Google search bar.  Type in plumber Elgin IL.  Do you see  Go ahead, type in another search.  German car repair Denver.  Where is located on that first page?  One more, type in auto repair kansas city ks.  It won’t take long to find

Now, the real piece de resistance.  Type in guaranteed google placement.  Yes, that is us…  We practice great search engine optimization techniques that still work today.  Do you want your company to benefit from this for the price of a new cell phone?  Just give us a call and we will fill in the details (702) 655-2468.

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