Monday, April 16, 2018

We Know what Plumbers Need.

We may not be plumbers ourselves, but boy do we know what plumbers need to make more money with the internet!  Here are the basics.  When someone sees a plumbing problem, they pick up their phone and look for something like emergency plumber (fill in the city).  If they see an easy to read website on page one in the FREE listings that plumber will get a call.

It is not complicated!  Do you know how many plumbers simply rely on word-of-mouth and never try to get that extra business that comes from the proper web presence.  It does not make sense to us, especially since we tend to work with only one plumber in a geographic area and that company dominates Google.

Call us for details on how you can invest the price of a cell phone and be a dominant plumbing company on the front page of Google.  We offer first page free placement for plumbing companies.  We are Internet Highway serving plumbers from coast-to-coast.  Don’t waste another day…call us at (702) 396-0911.

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