Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yellow Pages…I Think I Remember Them.

And that is about as close as you are going to get of someone actually using the Yellow Pages to find something.  And, by the way, if someone knocks on your business’ door claiming that they are the local Yellow Page representative it simply is not true.  They are about as “local” as the world wide web.

Quite simply, you need a website that is custom-built to look exactly the way you want it to and is optimized (keywords in the source code) so that Google will put you on the front page of as many important keywords as possible.  These are terms such as auto repair Kansas City KS.  Combined with a great ongoing social network it will put you ahead of the competition.

Internet Highway has the answers and we have had for well over a decade.  The right combination of design, optimization, and social network marketing will put your business ahead of the competition.  What do you want from your website?  How about more calls = more sales?  Give Internet Highway a call today and see how affordable it is (702) 655-2468.

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